Update Regarding PCC Usage on the Pistol Range

Update Regarding PCC Usage on the Pistol Range

Apple Valley Gun Club

Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCCs) are now allowed on Pistol Ranges P1 – P3.

  • ONLY calibers listed below:
    • .380 ACP
    • 9x19mm (Luger/Parabellum)
    • .38 SPL
    • .40 S&W
    • .45 ACP
    • NO carbines chambered in Magnum or Rifle cartridges are allowed.


  • ONLY 1 shooter forward of the bench at a time.
    • Unarmed Range Officer may accompany the shooter.


  • PCCs not in use must have the bolt locked open and empty magazine well.
    • Chamber flags recommended, but not required.
    • PCCs should be on a rack, in a match wagon or laid on the bench, muzzle downrange.
  • PCC to Pistol transitions and vice versa are to be done via the use of “Dump” boxes or barrels.
    • NO slung carbines
    • Pistols should be holstered in a rigid plastic/kydex holster with trigger covered.


  • All targets must be addressed in the “down range” direction.
    • All targets should be within 45 degrees of center.
    • All steel targets must be at least 50 ft from shooter’s position.


  • Please follow all standard safety regulations and protocols for all AVGC ranges.