Steel Plate Rack Practice - Apple Valley Gun Club

Steel Plate Rack Practice

AVGC’s Steel Plate Rack Practice features racks of 8” steel plates.  We will be using two sets of 12 plates, with a tie breaking popper in the middle.  The minimum setup distance of 30 feet.  

While shooters will shoot two at a time, head to head, this will be a practice format and not a competitive elimination.  Everyone will shoot on every rotation.  

This format includes a random drawing for shooting order & pairings on each round.  Depending on the number of participants, you will shoot 6 to 8 rotations.  Depending on your skill (accuracy), estimated round count will be 104 to 175±.

Shooters will be starting from the holster, and concealment is optional.  You may bring as many magazines (10 round max.) as you need, and magazine holders are recommended.  

Newer shooters are always welcome, but we reserve the rights to start you from low ready on initial round(s).

AVGC YouTube Video Link


Monthly on the fourth Saturday and second Thursday on Pistol Range 1.


Thursday Evening Match
Set up at 6:30 pm. Match begins at 7 pm.

Saturday Match 
June – September: Set up and sign in at 7 am.  Match begins at 8 am.

October – May: Set up and sign in at 8 am. Match begins at 9 am.

Mandatory safety briefing immediately following set up. You must attend the safety briefing or you will not shoot.

Apple Valley Gun Club is a cold range. Firearms are to remain unloaded until the RSO instructs you to load and make ready. This includes CCW holders.

What to Bring

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Pistol or Revolver
  • Holster
  • 175+/-  rounds
  • Three 10 round magazines or Speed loaders
  • Magazine pouches

Acceptable Calibers

9mm, .38, .38 super, .40, .45

Non-acceptable calibers:
any Magnum, .22, .25, .32, .380, 5.7mm, .44


Club members $5 / Non-members $10
Active Military always no charge

Please bring exact change.