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How Can I Get Involved to Protect my Second Amendment Rights?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms
shall not be infringed.

Now more than ever, we must actively get involved to protect our Second Amendment rights.  There are many ways in which to do this. 

Get involved with National, State and Local organizations that support the Second Amendment.  Write to your elected officials and express your stand on legislation.  Learn about your RIGHTS!

Write to your Local Representatives

It is important that we all take advantage of our right to communicate with our elected officials at all levels of government and present our positions on laws about to be passed or those that were passed and infringe on our rights.

Download sample Legislative Letter here: 2A Legislative Letter

Letter Writing Tips

Print out the provided letter: add the date, the Bill number (i.e. ABS 8), sign it, below add your written name and address. Then – fax, or scan in your letter and email it, or cut and paste your letter into the legislators email. Send it to all legislators, not just you area representatives.

In writing your own letter: be sure to repeat your opposition to the bill; include a statement that you are affected by any laws passed in your state; include a statement that you have researched the bill and understand it.  Send it to all legislators, not just your area representatives.

Educate Yourself

Educate yourself for free and find out how to stand up for your rights.

Read America’s Founding Documents (Source: The National Archives)

Get Involved

There are numerous organizations to get involved with to support your Second Amendment rights.  Download a list of the organizations for reference.

Quotes to Share

Use these quotes on your social media sites, i.e. Facebook, Instagram OR Your Blog. Use them in your e-mails as part of your signature. Use them in letters you write to your elected representatives in the letter head or after your signature.

Whatever you do use them to educate your family, friends and neighbors. Many people have NO IDEA what the Constitution, its Amendments, and the background for our government is about.