CCW Prep Course

San Bernardino County CCW Preparation Course

Our firearms training courses are open to the public.

The Apple Valley Gun Club offers a CCW preparation course on the first Tuesday of each month.

This class is to help you prepare for both the application process and the shooting portion of your CCW qualification. On the range you will shoot the same style target, B-27, that you will shoot for your San Bernardino County Range Qualification. The class includes both classroom and range time. There will be discussion on the fundamentals of shooting, as well as the legal responsibilities of concealed carry.

Complete details on obtaining a San Bernardino CCW can be found at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Website:   For CCW permits in other counties, please see your respective law enforcement website. 

What to Bring

  • Up to 3 firearms that you will be putting on your permit
  • 50 rounds of ammunition for each firearm
  • 1 extra magazine or speed-loader
  • Eye & Ear Protection (electronic preferred)
  • Pen, pencil and a notepad


  • Closed toed shoes are required
  • No scoop neck or V-neck shirts are allowed
  • Bring a baseball style hat

Time will be spent outside, so please dress accordingly for the weather.

This class is for law-abiding citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state or local laws.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Online registration only.  No walk-ins will be allowed.


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