FAQS - Apple Valley Gun Club

Frequently Asked Questions

AVGC is an NRA Gold Medal Club.  What is that?

To receive the NRA Gold Medal Club Award, a club must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Be a 100% NRA Club

2. Have a Club Newsletter (Digital form accepted)

3. Belong to the NRA State Association of your state

4. Have administered, or currently incorporate an NRA Youth Program within the Club’s agenda

5. Actively participate in NRA’s Membership Recruiting Program

Do you have programs for kids?

Not at this time.

Do you have programs for men and women?

Yes, we have programs for both men and women. We have Pistol Night and Community On Target. These are open to all levels of shooters. First time shooters are welcome.

Do you have programs exclusively for women?

Yes, we have programs specifically for women. These are relaxed clinics that are open to all levels of shooters. We have Ladies Nights and the NRA Women On Target Program. First time shooters are welcome. Please, see the Women’s tab for details.

How does one become an AVGC member?

Membership is open to all adults. To become a member you MUST be a current member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). You can join the NRA using the link on our website.

For current dues and requisites visit: Become an AVGC Member

The benefits of becoming a full member (after completing the 90 day probationary period) are numerous, but one of the best is by being a member, your spouse/mate can become an Associate member, while your children can come with you whenever you want as long as they remain under your supervision and you are responsible for how they act on the Club Property. One membership is good for the entire family. Additionally, as a full member, you can bring guests with you to shoot as long as you supervise them, get them to sign in at the Clubhouse, and sign the liability waiver form. There are many more benefits and advantages to being a member that you will discover along the way.

What is expected of an AVGC member?

The Club membership owns the facilities by virtue of their membership. As a result, the upkeep, expansion, repairs, and all work is done by the membership as volunteers. Unfortunately, too few members get involved in the volunteer opportunities that are available on a regular basis. This creates more work for the few who actually do volunteer to help with shooting events, programs, work projects and more. If you want a truly superior Club, then get involved. You will make great friends, have fun, experience more of what being a member is all about instead of just shooting. So many members only want to shoot and don’t take time to realize all that happens so they can shoot.

Check the calendar regularly for events you can help set up, coach, or work to make better. Someone has to do it, so it should be you!

The ranges all need regular cleaning and you can be sure the Range Chairperson will appreciate any and all help that can be given. If you can’t find anything, then contact a board member for suggestions. It’s a great way to get to know other Club members who, like you, help whenever and wherever they can. They’re the ones that make the Club and its property work as smoothly as it does.

As stated in the “About Us” page on this web site: So where do I fit in as an individual member? We have found over the years that it is the small things that really count. The contributions in time, work and money by individuals, that very often go unnoticed, are critical to our success. What does not go unnoticed is the end result: our facility and our membership.

As a not for profit, volunteer organization, we serve our club as managers, leaders, teachers, coaches, safety officers, and very often, as laborers doing the daily tasks required to run a facility such as ours. The only reason we are able to keep costs down IS the continuing commitment of our members who get things done. As a member, you are getting a new nickname: They. There are over 1,300 folks sharing that nickname with you. The next time you hear someone say “They need to do this” or “They aren’t doing this or that right” please remember, WE are THEY! This Club lives or dies solely on the commitment of the current membership. If we fail to do the right thing, even when no one is watching, we fail this club. So, step up and be an active, helpful member of the Club, because you are needed!

Is the “Range” open to the public?

While all of our classes, programs and matches are open to the public, individual shooting at Apple Valley Gun Club is limited to members and their personal guests.  This is not a public range. It is a membership club founded in 1947. With that said, here are the answers to your question. The answer is a qualified “Yes”. The requirements are as follows:

1. Come as a guest of a member making sure to sign in at the Clubhouse and sign a liability waiver before going to the range where you will be shooting.

2. Participate in a scheduled shooting event listed on the calendar. You must stay on the range where that event is taking place and only participate in that event.

Other than these specific opportunities, being on the property without permission is trespassing and you will either be escorted off the property or will be cited for the violation by law enforcement.