Practical Pistol

Practical Pistol

Practical Pistol is a centerfire pistol or revolver event.

There are four or five stages set up with a mixture of paper and steel targets. Scoring is based on a combinations of time, knocking down steel and score on paper. (All scoring done minor, HITS + TIME).

Minimum round count varies depending on stage layout.

You will be shooting from various positions and on the move.

Match Director

Carl Pugh
(714) 299-6611


Monthly on the last Sunday. 

No match in December due to the holidays.


June – September: Set up and sign in at 7 am.  Match begins at 8 am.

October – May: Set up and sign in at 8 am. Match begins at 9 am. No match in December.

Mandatory safety briefing immediately following set up. You must attend the safety briefing or you will not shoot.

What to Bring

Bring a minimum of 200+ rounds.

Ear and eye protection for spectators as well as footwear that encloses the toes are mandatory (no sandals).

Cross draw, inside the waistband, and shoulder holsters are not permitted.

CCW holders cannot carry during the match.


Club members $5 / Non-members $10
Active Military always no charge

Please bring exact change.