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Board of Directors Agenda



October 14, 2020

Members Present

Members Not Present: 

Review and approval of September 2020 minutes:


Treasurer –   Jonathan Weldy: 

  1. Account balances to be read at GM meeting

Secretary – Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers to be given at GM meeting

Vice President – Tracey Graham

President – Diana Roederer 




  1. Event Requests-Tim Neubauer:

Adjourned ____p.m.

General Membership Agenda


General Membership Agenda

October 14, 2020

Called to Order:  

Pledge of Allegiance 

Quorum Confirmation: by Dina McKinney 

All members recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules

Approval of September 2020 GM Minutes


Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy 

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market Account, and Scholarship Account
  2. Advise on AmazonSmile and the CRPA
  3. Sonic Ear Protection coming 10/24.  Contact Jonathan for an appointment time

Secretary- Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers- total 1,273.   (660 regular, 466 senior, 144 associate, 3 life)
  2. Read Actions without Meeting into minutes
  3. Request address changes for renewals
  4. Congratulate AVGC Member Ryan Plescia won the FNRA raffle!

Vice President-Tracey Graham

  1. Re-cap of safety for the previous month (good and bad)

President-Diana Roederer

  1. Moment of silence for Sonny deRose
  2. Advise on ammo shortage issues discussed at Executive Board meeting: (We bought $20k of ammo and we need to be judicious about it and look at the burn rate.  We should continue to do events and try to limit the amount of shooting.  Diana said we should go to the membership and tell them about the situation.  Jonathan agreed that is the right thing to do.)
  3. BOD nominations are open from now until midnight on the day after our November meeting.  Taking nominations now.  ASK IF ANY DISCUSSION!  (Must be seconded by the membership).

  Range Reports  

  • Pistol Range- Ed Swan

-SASP-Tim Neubauer

  • Indoor Range – CJ Caruth:  
  • Rifle Range-Jason Myskow

-CMP-Alex Montenegro

  • Trap Range-  Gary Menser: 

-CRSO report

  • Archery Range-Sandy Oberlies:   
  • Facilities –  Tim Smith:  

Other Reports

  • Merchandise-Ray Jameson: 
  • Education and Training-Tim Neubauer: 

Special Report

  • David Smith with a Legislative Update



  • Jason Myskow: Request for funds NTE $700 for steel rifle target hangers
  • Tim Smith:
    1. Cover between P1 and the Pistol House.  Request for funds NTE $2,000
    2. Additions to the volunteer plaque in the Adobe Clubhouse: Ken Crawford, Bob Livrano, Dennis Ingram, Sonny deRose
    3. Stop bringing cardboard announcement! 
    4. Propose a memorial tree planting, NTE $8,000. Includes upgrading water system and drip irrigation system and 24 desert blooming trees for adding plaques.
  • Tim Neubauer:
    1. Match fees for SASP Fall Classic Virtual Match NTE $200
    2. Fees for volunteers, Coaches, RSOs for SASP NTE $300
  • Dina-policy change re: Probationary members so that ALL governing documents and master forms are congruent 
  • Introduction of new members by Diana.  Tracey goes over the probationary requirements.
  • 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund

Adjourn  P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney, Secretary

Apple Valley Gun Club


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