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Board of Directors Agenda



February 12, 2020

Members Present:

Members Not Present:

Minutes:  review January 2020 BOD minutes


Treasurer –  Jonathan Weldy 

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market, and Scholarship.

Secretary – Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers

Vice President – Diana Roederer

President – Ed Swan 



  1. Tim N./Diana R.: Carried over from January meeting-First Aid/CPR training for frequent volunteers.  Learn CPR 4 Life (possibly over $1k, may move to GM Agenda) Include Gary Mensor on this discussion due to recommendation from Safety Committee.
  2. Range Safety Class
  3. Jan 21, 2020 Electronic Vote Passed-Funds NTE $600 for tractor rental for K-rail placement. ONLY 4 BOD voted to approve this.  Jonathan abstained.


  1. Event Requests – Tim Neubauer
  2. Tim N.: SASP jerseys/shirt sponsors, SASP application for Midway Endowment Fund
  3. Tim N.: Training Trap Classroom purchase $400
  4. Jennifer T.: Request for funds NTE $500 for booth at the Women’s Expo
  5. Assign New Pistol Chair


Adjourned ____p.m.

General Membership Agenda


General Membership Agenda

February 12, 2020

Called to Order: ______p.m.

Presentation of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance 

AWARD $500 to the Boy Scouts for their service for 2019

Review January 2020 GM Minutes

Quorum Confirmation 

Recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules


Candidate Night Guest Speakers:


-Apple Valley Gun Club is not endorsing any candidate

-Candidate night is informational and meant to grant access to local politicians.

-Each Candidate will be given 15 minutes to speak to the membership

-Each Candidate will make themselves available in the lobby after the meeting for individual questions

  1. Kerrie Justice on behalf of Tim Donnelly for Congress
  2. Mayor Rick Herrick for State Assembly
  3. Dakota Higgins on behalf of Paul Cook for County Supervisor
  4. Loren Campbell, SBCo Gun Owners Association


Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market Account, and Scholarship Account


Secretary- Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers
  2. A new Email has been set up for submitting your pictures to the Apple Valley Gun Club.  This will be helpful for the website, Newsletter, Banquet, and for any other promotional materials.  avgcpics@gmail.com


Vice President-Diana Roederer

  1. Thank you to outgoing President Ed Swan for your service and a very productive year!


President- Ed Swan

  1. Advise the membership of the New Pistol Chair approved by the BOD


Range Reports

  • Pistol Range- Tracey Graham

-SASP-Tim Neubauer


  • Indoor Range – Kyle Butts

-Junior Pistol-CJ Caruth

-Junior Rifle-Ray Jameson


  • Rifle Range- Justin King/Jason Myskow

-CMP-Alex Montenegro


  • Trap Range-  Gary Menser

-CRSO report


  • Archery Range- George Ellison


  • Facilities –  Tim Smith

-monthly sign-In drawing

Other Reports

  • Merchandise-Sandy Oberlies/Ray Jameson:
  • Education and Training-Tim Neubauer:



  1. Jennifer Tornero: Last call for Banquet Volunteers
  2. Jennifer Tornero:  Call for Volunteers for the Women’s Expo (if funds approved in BOD meeting)
  3. Dina McKinney: Last call for Gun Show volunteers.  Need people for Sunday slot.
  4. Diana Roederer: We could not find the prior approval for the new chairs in the Adobe so we are re-submitting a new proposal.  Request for Funds (over $1k??)



  1. Dina McKinney-Membership vote on the Bylaws
  2. Tim Smith: Sewer line for pistol restrooms
  3. Tim Smith: moving dirt and dressing the berms at the pistol range
  4. Diana Roederer: Re-cap of safety for the previous month (good and bad)
  5. Introduction of new members
  6. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund


Adjourn _______P.M.