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Board of Directors Agenda



June 10, 2020

Members Present

Members Not Present: Tim Neubauer (excused absence)

Review and approval of May 2020 minutes:


Treasurer –   Jonathan Weldy: 

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market, and Scholarship.


Secretary – Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers: Total 1,166.  600 regular, 444 senior, 119 associate, 3 life
  2. Action By Unanimous Written Consent Read into Minutes
  3. June Governing Docs are printed and each BOD member given a copy
  4. Change of name from “Membership Secretary” to “Membership Liaison” to help with confusion


Vice President – Tracey Graham


President – Diana Roederer 





1.  Event Requests:

-Alex Montenegro: CMP Match

-SJVC: Criminal Justice Firearms Training & Qualification

-Snowline police: Active Shooter training

-HDFT: USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Instructor, Basic Pistol Instructor, PPIH Instructor, Rifle Instructor, BIT & CCW Instructor, PPOH Instructor

2. Diana: Proposal for a booth at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Rodeo – Cost is $500 for an 8 X 8 covered booth and includes all 3 days.  

3. Diana: Discussion, should we be purchasing disinfectant to clean the classroom’s high touch surfaces and providing hand sanitizer for our classes? 

4. Diana: NRA Grant Status

5. Diana: Proposal to defer the credit the church is offering for the meetings not held and possibly making a donation.


Adjourned ____p.m.

General Membership Agenda


General Membership Agenda

June 10, 2020

Called to Order: ______p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Quorum Confirmation by Dina McKinney 

All members recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules


Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy 

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market Account, and Scholarship Account

Secretary- Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers: Total 1,166.  600 regular, 444 senior, 119 associate, 3 life
  2. Advise membership: Vote on funds NTE $10K for concrete work passed
  3. Advise membership: June semi-annual revision of the governing docs complete.  Posted in the Adobe, online, and you can request a hard copy
  4. Advise of new Membership Liaison: Janet Wilhelm

Vice President-Tracey Graham

  1. Train-A-Teacher Day moved to 8/1

President-Diana Roederer

  1. Advise membership of success of Probationary Recovery Plan
  2. Advise membership that we did not send the $1k to the CRPA that was previously approved to combat AB3071 since it was pulled for the year.

  Range Reports  

  • Pistol Range- Ed Swan

-SASP-Tim Neubauer: (Excused Absence) No report

  • Indoor Range – Kyle Butts

-Junior Pistol-CJ Caruth

-Junior Rifle-Ray Jameson

  • Rifle Range- Justin King/Jason Myskow

-CMP-Alex Montenegro

  • Trap Range-  Gary Menser

-CRSO report

  • Archery Range- 
  • Facilities –  Tim Smith

-monthly sign-In drawing

Other Reports

  • Merchandise-Ray Jameson:
  • Education and Training-Tim Neubauer (excused absence) reported by Diana Roederer:

Special Report

  • David Smith with a Legislative Update


  1. Tim Smith: Progress of Capital Range Improvements 


  1. Tracey Graham: Re-cap of safety for the previous month (good and bad)
  2. Diana for Tim N.: Reminder to the membership that event requests should go through the Range Chair as a courtesy.  Please submit requests 12 prior to the Board meeting for adequate consideration.
  3. Diana: 4th of July BBQ.  (report only if Alex doesn’t bring it up in his address to the membership)
  4. Diana: Proposal for funds to remove the carpet in the Adobe and lay tile 
  5. Diana: advise membership of Sheriff CCW renewal program
  6. Diana: Proposal for funds in the amount of $1500 in support of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Rodeo
  7. Introduction of new members.  Tracey goes over probationary requirements
  8. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund

Adjourn _______P.M.