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Board of Directors Agenda

October 9, 2019
Members Present:
Members Not Present: 

Minutes:  reviewSeptember  2019 BOD minutes


Treasurer –  Jonathan Weldy

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market, and Scholarship.

Secretary – Elizabeth Stuppy

  1. Membership numbers

Vice President – Diana Roederer

President – Ed Swan 



  1. Jonathan/Dina/Ray: Status of Grants
  2. Dina: Question re: governing docs


  1. Event Requests – Tim Neubauer
  2. Jennifer T.: RBAV class-request approval to do it off site.
  3. Tim N.: SASP Report and Proposal

General Membership Agenda

General Membership Agenda
October 9, 2019

Called to Order: ______p.m.

Presentation of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance 

Review September 2019  GM Minutes

Quorum Confirmation 

Recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules


Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market Account, and Scholarship Account

Secretary- Elizabeth Stuppy

  1. Membership numbers

Vice President-Diana Roederer

  1. Report on Education and Training: Announcement Tim N. now the Training Director working in conjunction with the Training Coordinator
  2. Break in and Theft at the Club

President- Ed Swan

  1. Election announcement: Now open for nominations!

     Range Reports  

  • Pistol Range- Tracey Graham
  • Indoor Range – Kyle Butts

        -Junior Pistol-CJ Caruth

        -Junior Rifle-Ray Jameson

        -SASP-Tim Neubauer

  • Rifle Range- Justin King/Jason Myskow

    -CMP-Alex Montenegro

  • Trap Range-  Gary Menser

    -CRSO report

  • Archery Range- George Ellison 

-Request for funds to purchase conex boxes for the Archery Range due to break in and theft

  • Facilities –  Tim Smith

    -Replacement needed for the swamp cooler in the indoor range.

-October Work Party: reminder range closed from 8 am-5pm for tractor work on the trap range and extended work on the rifle range

Other Reports

  • Merchandise- Sandy Oberlies


  1. Reminder: SB County District Attorney Investigators Association Scholarship Fundraiser every year.  This year is it on October 19.  Anyone that wants to shoot in it can, and there is a BBQ after.   
  2. Jennifer Tornero: Banquet reminder


  1. Diana Roederer: Re-cap of safety concerns for the previous month
  2. Introduction of new members
  3. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund

Adjourn _______P.M.