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Board of Directors Agenda



April 14, 2021

Members Present

Members Not Present: Dina McKinney (approved absence)

Review and approval of March 2021 minutes:


Treasurer –   Jonathan Weldy: 

Secretary – Dina McKinney (absent)  Reporting on her behalf- Diana Roederer

  1. Read Action Without Meeting into the Minutes- Approval of Sandy Oberlies event request for archery instructor training.

Vice President – Jenaraye Graham

President – Tracey Graham 




  1. Event Requests-Tim Neubauer
  2. Diana Roederer

-Review, discuss, and approve changes to the Range Safety Regulations

-Review, discuss, and approve changes to the Policies & Procedures

Adjourned ____p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Diana Roederer, Pistol Range Chair

On Behalf of Dina McKinney, Secretary

Apple Valley Gun Club 

General Membership Agenda


General Membership Agenda

April 14, 2021

Called to Order:  

Pledge of Allegiance 

Quorum Confirmation: by Diana Roederer

All members recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules

Approval of March 2021 GM Minutes


President-Tracey Graham

1.  Advise of the changes to the Range Regulations and the P&Ps if they pass in the Board Meeting.

2.  Advise who is required to do the background check and training BY LAW for working with kids at the club:

List: Anyone working a junior program, all match directors, all programs directors, all Board of Directors, all Instructors, all RSOs.

Diana has been contacting these individuals and will continue to contact to get this done.

*If you don’t complete this, you can not work with any program that has kids. PERIOD.

3. Announce Helen Sophia Myers scholarship award.  Award and check were mailed to her.

Vice President-Jenaraye Graham

  1. Report on Safety at the Range (both good and bad)
  2. Advise on upcoming Coaches class

Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy 

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market Account, and Scholarship Account.

Secretary- Dina McKinney (absent)  Diana Roederer on her behalf:

  1. Membership numbers- Total of 1,148 (551 regular, 463 senior, 129 associate, and 3 honorary life)
  2. Advise the membership of the Action Without Meeting that was approved by the Board-Sandy Oberlies event request to train archery instructors.

Range Reports  

  • Pistol Range-Diana Roederer
  • SASP-Tim Neubauer
  • Indoor Range -Kyle Butts:  
  • Rifle Range-Jason Myskow

-CMP-Alex Montenegro

  • Trap Range-  Gary Menser: 

-CRSO report

  • Archery Range-Sandy Oberlies:   
  • Facilities –  Tim Smith:  

Other Reports

  • Merchandise-Ray Jameson: 
  • Education and Training-Jenaraye Graham: 

Special Report

  • David Smith with a Legislative Update



1.  Jonathan Weldy

-Request for donation funds in the amount of $5,000 to the CRPA.

-Request for funds for additional .22 handguns for SASP and the training team.

2. Tim Neubauer

-Request for funds to purchase 2 new laptops for the classrooms/training team

-Request for funds to bring out Bill Perkins for an SASP workshop

3. Diana Roederer for Dina: Advise the membership that the Friends of the NRA took a big hit this last year and they are looking for volunteers in our area.  There is a sign up sheet if you are interested. (Diana go into detail about what they do for us)

4. Introduction of new members by Tracey.  Membership vote. Jenaraye- go over the probationary requirements.   REMIND THEM TO PICK UP THEIR PACKET BEFORE THEY LEAVE

5. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund

Adjourn  P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diana Roederer, Pistol Range Chair

On behalf of Dina McKinney, Secretary

Apple Valley Gun Club


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