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Events on the calendar have priority over walk-on shooters. Match directors may open parts of ranges based on the size of the event and the safety of all shooters. Please find details about partial range availability during events in the description or contact the person named as event-lead for more information.

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AR - Archery Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
IR - Indoor Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
RR - Rifle Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
TR - Trap Range (the upper trap range may be available during some events)
PR - Pistol Range (depending on the event and number of participants, some bays may be open)
TC - Trap Classroom
AC - Adobe Clubhouse
Special events:
WOT - Women on Target (no open shooting during this event on any range)
COT - Community on Target (no open shooting during this event on any range)
Please follow the instructions of our Match Directors, Range Safety Officers & Range Monitors at all times! 

Know The Safe Gun Handling Rules

1. ALWAYS keep your gun pointed in a safe direction

2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

3. ALWAYS keep your gun unloaded until ready to use

4. ALWAYS know your target and what is beyond




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About Us


P.O. BOX 786

16699 Stoddard Wells Road

VICTORVILLE, CA 92393-0786



Welcome to the Apple Valley Gun Club Web Site.......

The Board and members would like to Welcome YOU to the Apple Valley Gun Club Web Site. This club is registered with the California Secretary of State as a domestic non-profit corporation (# C0224343) originally chartered and incorporated on January 29, 1948.  Additionally, the IRS established the Club's Tax Exempt Status as a 501(c)(7) in June of 1949 which it has been ever since.  The current By-Laws indicate the Club as a 501(c)(3) which was an error created several years ago and not corrected.  The result in a major way is NO donation to the Club is tax deductible to the donor.

The facilities are open 7 days a week from sunrise to 10pm for members, member's guests and calendared events.  The public is invited to participate in the events on our calendar (See Calendar link above)

The Club was first formed as The Desert Fish and Game Association Rifle and Revolver Club. We changed the name to the Apple Valley Gun Club in 1968.

Our Club has a long and storied history. Over time, what you see on the property has been the result of a collective effort of club members and community leaders to create a safe, family-oriented place to shoot in the Victor Valley. We have fought easement battles; fended off land barons set on squeezing us out; teetered on the verge of bankruptcy, and battled with the City of Victorville over zoning issues. The key to our continuing success is the commitment of our membership to the mission of this club. Volunteers dedicate countless hours to maintaining the Apple Valley Gun Club as the premier place to shoot and learn to shoot in the High Desert. Here is how it works in reality.

As a non-profit corporation, our bylaws dictate that we provide a safe, family-friendly place for members and the public to better their marksmanship skills. We offer a wide range of competitive and recreational shooting events and instruction. All scheduled shooting events on our Calendar are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!   The distinction here is that we are a Club and not a shooting range but permit the public to shoot at our facilities as a guest or a participant in a scheduled shooting event.

We have many friends in this community amongst the shooting and hunting communities as well as those who see us as a positive organization offering the community wholesome activities for young and old. We also have our adversaries, those who tend to forget that the Bill of Rights includes the 2nd Amendment, and those who do not respect hunting as a tool of wildlife management and sport shooting as a wholesome hobby. Our best defense is our relationship with the surrounding community and the image we present: we are safe, ethical and knowledgeable sports men and women preserving the traditions of our great nation and passing those traditions and virtues on to the next generation.

So where do I fit in as an individual member? We have found over the years that it is the small things that really count. The contributions in time, work and money by individuals that very often go unnoticed are critical to our success. What does not go unnoticed is the end result:: our facility and our membership.  As a not for profit, volunteer organization, we serve our club as managers, leaders, teachers, coaches, safety officers, and very often, as laborers doing the daily tasks required to run a facility such as ours. The only reason we are able to keep costs down is the continuing commitment of our members who get things done.

As a member, you are getting a new nickname: They. There are over 1,200 folks sharing that nickname with you. The next time you hear someone say “They need to do this” or “They aren't doing this or that right” please remember, WE are THEY! This Club lives or dies solely on the commitment of the current membership.  If we fail to do the right thing, even when no one is watching, we fail this club.

Read & study the Bylaws, Policies & Procedures and the Range Regulations, ask questions, and get involved. You own this club.