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How To Join AVGC

How to become a member of Apple Valley Gun Club

Download the application & waiver here.

Fill it out and bring it to the meeting.
In addition, the following requirements must be met:

1. Present your application and proof of your NRA membership at a Membership Meeting which takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Drop off the completed application at the sign in table at 6:30 PM temporarily held at Apple Valley Gun Club, Pistol Bay 1, 16699 Stoddard Wells Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307

All applications will be handled following the Membership meeting as part of the agenda.

PLEASE NOTE: For June 2020 the meeting location has changed.  Please see the “News and Updates” tab for information.

2. Pay a one-time Initiation Fee of $200 plus dues for the rest of the year pro-rated.  If you join in October, November or December you will pay the following years dues also. Senior dues (65 years or older) are $48 per year.  General Membership dues are $120 per year.

AVGC New Member Requirements

You will be on probation for a minimum of 90 days.  You can take longer than 90 days to complete your requirements, but you cannot complete your probation sooner than 90 days.

1. Must be a member of the NRA

2. Complete your 4-hour work requirement

Work Party 3rd Sunday of each month, 8 AM – Noon

  • You can also complete your 4-hour work requirement by helping at meetings with sign-in, selling tickets, help with selling merchandise
  • Call a match director* and help him. (Set-up/tear down, scoring, etc.)
  • Call a Jr Program Director* and help him (coaching, RSO, or with sign-in & paperwork)
  • Call the Secretary for office work
  • Help at our WOT, COT, Ladies Night, (coach, RSO, set up & tear down range, chaperone & escort participants, help with sign-in, food set up & clean up)
  • *You will find contact info for the Match & Jr Program Directors on the AVGC website
  • Check our website and the Club’s quarterly Newsletter which is emailed out to all members for other volunteer work opportunities 

3. Attend the AVGC Range Orientation

(follows the work party)
3rd Sunday of each month Noon – 3 PM     

4. Attend (2) two  Range Specific Training Classes – Rifle & Pistol

3rd Saturday of each month, Noon – 3 PM

Rifle & Pistol alternate each month: Check the calendar on the website for which discipline is in what month.

Bring your firearm, 50 rounds of factory new ammunition (No Reloads or Steel), Approved Eye & Ear Protection.

If you do not own a Rifle or Pistol, we will loan you one in .22, Bring 50 rounds of your own 22LR ammo.

*During your probation period, you may come to the club for any event that is open to the public. You must stay at that particular event.

*If you would like to come any other time you can call or email anyone on the AVGC New Member Contact List. Just go down the list until you find someone who is available.

At the successful completion of the 90 day probationary period

You will be issued a regular membership card with the gate combination on it, which is the same combination to the clubhouse where you can enter to get targets as part of your membership benefits.  You must attend the next monthly membership meeting to show proof of completion and get your regular membership card, few exceptions will be made for getting your regular membership card.

The various ranges are open from sun-up to 10:00 pm 7 days a week, except for times when the ranges are being used for a calendared event.  Always check the calendar before coming to the Club property to make sure there isn’t an event taking place, because you will have to wait until that event is over before you can use that range.

Become thoroughly familiar with the Range Safety Regulations, Policies and Procedures, and the Bylaws which can be found on this web site as PDF files that can be saved or printed.  Click on the “Publications” tab at the top of any website page to find these documents.

Finally, please read the information on the “About Us” page as it gives an overview of the type of members we are trying to develop at the Apple Valley Gun Club.  There’s more to membership than just shooting.

See you on the Range!


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