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BOD & GM Prior Meeting Minutes

All minutes are DRAFT until approved by the Board.

Board Of Directors Minutes



March 11, 2020

Called to Order: 6:04 pm

Members Present: Dina McKinney, Tim Neubauer, Tracey Graham, Suzan Davies, Ray Jameson, Diana Roederer, Kyle Butts

Members Not Present: Jonathan Weldy (excused absence)

Minutes:  BOD reviewed February 2020 BOD minutes.  Motion to approve minutes as written by Tracey.  Tim second. All in favor. Motion passes to accept minutes as written. 


Treasurer –   reporting on behalf of Jonathan Weldy: Dina McKinney

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market, and Scholarship.  Reviewed register of expenses and advised BOD to direct any questions to Jonathan.

Secretary – Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers total 1,357 which includes 703 regular members, 504 senior members, 147 associate members, and 3 honorary life members.

Vice President – Tracey Graham

  1. Report on Safety Hearing last week:  There were 4 individuals called in for unsafe gun handling.  They were given 2 strikes and have to attend the Safety Training class.  3 of those individuals have already completed the class.  
  2. Tracey relayed a message from Gary Menser, asking for RSOs for the Friday night women’s program; the response was a little light.  Tracey also needs coaches. Please get a hold of Tracey and Gary if you can help.

President – Diana Roederer 

  1. 1 BOD member already resigned.  Diana made a motion to appoint the person with the next number of votes cast by the membership, which is Tina Clark.  Suzan second. Discussion held. Tina has already been spoken to and has agreed to take the position if appointed. Vote held.  All in favor. Motion passes to appoint Tina to the BOD 1-year director vacancy.
  2. Diana thanked the outgoing Board, with a special thanks to Ed Swan.  At the BOD organizational meeting Ed presented her with gavel, that will be the proverbial “passing of the baton” to all AVGC Presidents going forward.  Diana praised the accomplishments of the outgoing Board
  3. Ed Swan appointed as the new Pistol Range Chair
  4. Welcome to the new Board!
  5. Diana advised that we will now have a legislative report at the GM meeting, which hasn’t happened for years so it’s exciting to have this return.


  1. Dina McKinney presented the new policy re: reimbursement for CPR/First Aid.  No changes made by the BOD. Diana made the motion to accept the new policy. Tim second.  All in favor. Motion approved. Dina will add the new policy to the Policies and Procedures at the semi-annual revision.


  1. Tim Neubauer-Event requests presented in the form of a motion:

-NRA Members Council Sports day on pistol range 8/23/20

-High Desert Firearms Training NRA Rifle Instructor Course 6/7/20

-High Desert Firearms Training NRA PPOH Instructor Course 4/18-19/20 (after 2-gun match is concluded and after work party is concluded)

-High Desert Firearms Training NRA PPIH Instructor Course 4/5/20 (after 3-gun match is concluded)

-High Desert Firearms Training NRA Pistol Instructor Course 3/29/20 (after practical pistol match)

Tracey second.  Discussion held.  All in favor. Motion passes to approve the events as outlined.

  1. Diana Roederer Policy proposal to allow the Executive BOD to have access to remote range monitoring.  Tim second. Discussion held. All in favor. Diana will write up the policy.
  2. Diana Roederer: Adding 2 FFLs.  We have 2 right now and one is leaving.  Diana will become one and CJ has agreed to become the other.  
  3. Diana Roederer: Waivers & Releases-Diana explained that there is difficulty getting the waivers signed and it is likely because of all the confusion surrounding how many there are.  Many of them have the exact same wording. BOD reviewed the suggested changes to the waivers. Diana motioned to accept the new waivers. Dina Second. Discussion held regarding junior programs.  All junior programs will comply with waivers signed each night. Vote held. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passes 
  4. Diana Roederer: Request for funds brought by Don McAfee to Safety Committee “just a little over $500” for wheels for the plate racks.  They are way too heavy for people to be lifting. Diana made a motion for funds NTE $600. Tina second. All in favor. Motion passes. Don advised that he went to Home Depot and they told him he would have to order them, as they are not in stock.  He will do that and turn in a reimbursement request.  
  5. Lawrence presented a new archery event request.  Questions were asked by the BOD, which Lawrence answered to satisfaction.  Tracey motioned to add the events to the archery program. Second by Dina. All in favor.  Motion passes. Dina to add the events to the website as written.  

Adjourned 6:43 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney, Secretary

Apple Valley Gun Club

General Membership Minutes


General Membership Minutes

March 11, 2020

Called to Order: 7:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors by Boy Scouts and Pledge of Allegiance

Review February 2020 GM Minutes.  Motion to accept the minutes as written by Tracey. Dina second.  All in favor. Motion passes

Quorum Confirmation by Dina McKinney

All members recited NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules



Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy (Excused Absence) reported by Dina McKinney

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market Account, and Scholarship Account


Secretary- Dina McKinney

  1. Membership numbers total 1,357 which includes 703 regular members, 504 senior members, 147 associate members, and 3 honorary life members.
  2. Advised membership that the new cards were mailed.  If you didn’t get yours, see Susan Barge in the lobby.
  3. Advised membership on BOD Electronic vote held regarding emergency funds for termites in the Adobe.  Electronic vote to be filed with the minutes.
  4. Advised membership on the approved First Aid/CPR policy for reimbursement.


Vice President-Tracey Graham

  1. There was one Safety Hearing last week where 4 club members, who are good and competent shooters, got complacent.  Everyone handled a loaded firearm while someone was down range. The individuals did get strike letters and must attend the Safety Training class.  Tracey cautioned everyone not to get complacent on the range.   
  2. Message from CRSO Gary Menser:  he is looking for RSOs for the Friday Night Ladies’ Program; We are short RSOs.  
  3. The new Range Safety Class is going well.  The 2nd one was held last week. It is open to anyone who wants to attend free of charge.  Classes are held quarterly.


President-Diana Roederer

  1. The BOD already lost the 1-year Director.  John Lawrence resigned for personal reasons.  The BOD approved Tina Clark, who was the person with the next number of votes by the membership.  
  2. Diana thanked the outgoing Board for their dedication, time, and successes this past year.  Special thanks to Ed Swan and his willingness to mentor her. At the BOD Organizational Meeting Ed gave Diana a gavel as the proverbial “passing of the baton” to be passed down to AVGC Presidents from now on.
  3. Ed Swan has accepted the position for Pistol Range Chair.
  4. Introduced the new Board to the membership.
  5. Report on an incident on the range:  Our ATV caused damage to a visitor’s car.  There is a $2,600 estimate but the final price is unknown at this time.  We will have a release signed in exchange for compensation. Diana made a motion for funds NTE $3,500.  Second by Ed. No discussion or questions from the membership. Vote held. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passes.
  6. Report on banquet: Thank you to the Committee!  All volunteers were recognized. The event was a great success and profitable.  
  7. The new chairs that the membership approved for the Adobe are in the classroom.  The Adobe is looking good with the new wall and TV! Thank you to Tim and Dennis for all the hard work! 
  8. We are going to begin having a legislative report again at the meeting, just a heads up.  We haven’t had one for years and it’s really important that we bring it back.
  9. Through the end of month, the NRA has good specials on membership pricing.  Diana went over pricing in detail. The club gets a stipend for memberships bought through AVGC and that money goes to the scholarship fund.


  Range Reports  

  • Pistol Range-Ed Swan: The fridge is stocked!  The Pistol Range is the most active range, PLEASE remember safe gun handling skills!  Ed went over the matches on the calendar. Come and help out at the matches if you want hours.  If you want anything specific in the fridge, let him know.

-SASP-Tim Neubauer: The kids have been practicing hard and doing well.  Their times are improving.


  • Indoor Range-CJ Caruth: Nothing to report safety wise indoors.  The exterior of the building now has yellow curbing; be aware there is a lip there.  The Indoor Range requires a separate orientation to get the combination. Kyle spoke up and thanked the membership for voting him to the BOD.  Advised the membership that challenge coins are for sale at the back table; funds go to the junior programs.

-Junior Pistol-CJ Caruth: saved report for new business

-Junior Rifle-Ray Jameson: Ray is starting a new program next month where they will be going through the NRA Basic Rifle book.  The kids will be getting homework. Tomorrow night will be the last orientation for a few months to allow for the new program.  Orientation is by appointment only; let Emileigh know at the back table.  

  • Rifle Range-Justin King/Jason Myskow: no report

-CMP-Alex Montenegro: no report


  • Trap Range-Ed Swan: We have two trap ranges; come out and shoot.  Ed went over the calendar of events. We have loaner guns, but you need factory ammunition to use them.  The thrower has been repaired.  

-CRSO report- no report


  • Archery Range-Lawrence: Lawrence went over the open archery calendar.  He also advised the membership on the new program he created that was just approved by the BOD.  Information will be posted on the website.


  • Facilities-Tim Smith: This coming Sunday is a work party from 8-12.  Several months ago, he proposed the club pay for water and he bought a pallet.  We are coming to the end of that pallet. He will pick up more water here and there, but it is becoming scarce because of COVID-19.  There were termites in the wall of the Adobe that were taken care of this past week. The winner of the monthly sign-in drawing is Carol Thomas!  Coming up shortly in the meeting is something everyone has been waiting for!  

Other Reports

  • Merchandise-Ray Jameson: New hats are in, as well as long sleeve t-shirts and sample hoodies.  If you are interested in hoodies, he will order your size and can have it by the next meeting.   There are also beanies, lanyards, and sweat bands. We need 5 to place a jackets order. More structured hats will be ordered soon.
  • Education and Training-Tim Neubauer:  Thank you to the training team; the instructors have had each other’s backs, covering classes when one couldn’t make it.  Tim went over the upcoming classes. He will be scheduling an instructor meeting soon.


Special Report

  • David Smith with a Legislative Update- David reported to the membership.  Discussions held with the membership. David is not an attorney, he is only reporting on the current legislative news.  Tracey advised membership to get politically involved.  



  1. None 



  1. CJ Caruth & Jr Pistol Team: Award and recognition of Dylan Lambert, Distinguished Expert!!! Way to go Dylan!  We are so proud of you!!
  2. Ed Swan-Capital Range Improvements:  Ed went over a detailed PowerPoint with the membership for improvements at the pistol range.  This is a package deal. Over a year ago the membership was given a list to prioritize what they wanted to see at the range.  Pistol bathrooms were high on the list. We could not do anything until the Caltrans project was done. Caltrans is gone and now this is the proposal.  Other options were more expensive than what is being proposed here. The budget is for $65,000 that will include extending the sewer line, storm drain extension, parking lot grading, pistol range grading, pistol range container for restrooms and storage.  TJ motioned to approve the budget of $65,000 for the capital range improvements. Second by Jennifer. Discussion held. Vote held. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passes. Diana acknowledged Tim Smith, Jonathan Weldy, and Ed Swan for putting this together.  The connex will be ordered tomorrow but it is unknown how long the conversion will take. There is a lot of dirt work that needs to happen first. We are looking at a time frame likely not before June or July. The Pistol Ranges will remain open with maybe a 1-day closure for the berm work.
  3. Tim Neubauer: SASP proposal for expenditure NTE $2,572.00 (2  Ipads, 2 shot timers, 2 red dots & 2 mounting rails, team shirts).  Tim presented in the form of a motion. Second by CJ. Discussion held.   Tracey modified the motion NTE $3,000. CJ Second. All in favor. Motion passes for funds NTE $3,000
  4. Diana Roederer: National Train A Teacher Day is in June.  She is making a motion requesting funds NTE $3500.00.  It was a great success last year. Diana went over the classes that are provided during the day.  The event is very well received by the community. Tim N. seconded the motion. All in favor. None opposed.  Motion passes. Diana advised the membership to mark the date on your calendar because we need a ton of volunteers.  Please reach out to Diana or Tracey if you can help. Also, thank you to Mike Wilcox for his willingness to reschedule the 2-gun match on that day.
  5. Diana Roederer asked membership their opinion on work buyout for probationary members.  With a show of hands for buyout vs. requiring the 4 hours of work. Membership chose the 4-hour work requirement.  
  6. Diana Roederer requested funds in the amount of $1,000 for the CRPA legal fund, which will be earmarked just for opposing the lead ammo bill.  She presented in the form of a motion. Second by Sonny. All in favor. Motion passes.  
  7. Dina McKinney:  Motion for policy change to add a hard mailing date of 2/20 for membership cards.  Dina explained that the current policy does not allow for enough time for the membership to receive their cards prior to the gate code change.  Second by Sonny. Discussion held. Tim amended the motion for a hard date of February 15th. Further Discussion held. Vote held. Membership approved February 15th.  None opposed. Motion passes. Dina will add the policy to the Policies and Procedures at the next semi-annual revision.
  8. Introduction of new members.   Motion to accept the members as probationary made by Ed.  Second by David. All in favor. Motion passes. Tracey went over probationary requirements.  
  9. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund. Winner!


Adjourn 8:46 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney, Secretary

Apple Valley Gun Club

Prior Minutes


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