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BOD & GM Prior Meeting Minutes

Board Of Directors Minutes



October 9, 2019

Called to Order 6:00 p.m.

Members Present: Ken Crawford, Ed Swan, Jonathan Weldy, Tim Neubauer, Jennifer Tornero, Dina McKinney, Ray Jameson, Diana Roederer

Members Not Present: Elizabeth Stuppy


Minutes:  BOD reviewed September 2019 BOD minutes.  Motion to accept the minutes as written by Ray.  Jonathan seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passes to accept the minutes as written.



Treasurer –  Jonathan Weldy

  1. Reviewed the register, explaining any large amounts going out.  Open for discussion. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market, and Scholarship moved to GM meeting.


Secretary – Elizabeth Stuppy (Not Present)

  1. Membership numbers will be given at GM Meeting


Vice President – Diana Roederer

  1. Update on Break in: Last news was that a pawn shop in San Bernardino called and they recognized the photos of the 2 men that broke in. In reviewing the cameras again, the lights were left on at the archery range.  Diana thinks they were trying to pull the plug for a light, not the camera. Tim will hard wire the plug.


President – Ed Swan 

  1. Insurance re: umbrella policy.  Jonathan and Tim had a conversation about this and Tim is getting his insurance broker to look at our 3 policies.  It would be best to engage a professional to review policies and possibly see if there is anything more we can do to protect the club and its assets.  Tim stated that his broker will look at everything and give recommendations. At this point the BOD is information gathering to see if there is anything that we should be doing.



  1. Jonathan/Dina/Ray on Status of Grants:  Ray has been talking with the NRA Foundation.  He still needs some information from Tracey to closed out 2 of the 4 grants.  Then it is just a matter of plugging the numbers in to the website. He now has an account to get on the Foundation website.  It was transferred from Patti to Ray. We have until Nov. 1 to get them closed out. Dina advised that the due date for new grants is coming up at the end of October.  After talking with the Foundation this past weekend Dina advised the BOD to get the applications in for the new grants EVEN IF the old grants are not closed out yet, then continue to work on closing the old grants.  Dina suggested that Ray focus on closing grants and that the BOD put together a small committee to do new grants. Discussion was held regarding the need to figure out what the club wants and talking to each range chair.  Due to the time constraints Jonathan suggested using some time at the safety meeting next week to see what each range chair wants/needs, then moving forward from there.
  2. Dina: Question re: governing docs- at what point should the additional revisions be put into the documents?  BOD decided that a bi-annual update would be appropriate for membership approval and printing. Any policy changes in the meantime should be printed off as an insert.



  1. Event Requests – Tim Neubauer: Tim went over several requests in full detail to include descriptions and dates.  Motion to approve events by Dina. Seconded by Diana. Jonathan recused himself from the vote. Motion passes with majority approval.
  2. Jennifer T.: RBAV class-request approval to do it off site.:   Class would be in January at Jess Ranch. $10 per person. Jennifer went over their list of requests and requirements.  Jonathan moved approval. Diana seconded. All were in favor. Motion passes for Jennifer to conduct a Refuse to Be A Victim class off-site.
  3. Tim N.: SASP Report:  1st class was last Saturday.  Tim went over the success of the event.  He will bring a proposal next month for review.
  4. Jerry Laws addressed the Board: handed out bumper stickers.  Requested financial assistance for his Senate race. Board advised Jerry the club cannot give financial assistance to a political campaign.
  5. Tim Smith: There are two emergency items for the GM meeting.  Tim wanted to make sure the Board did not need to do anything prior to presenting them to the membership.  BOD did not need to do anything. Emergency items will be brought up in GM meeting.


Ed motion to adjourn. Jonathan second. All in Favor.  6:29 p.m. meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney, Director

Apple Valley Gun Club

General Membership Minutes


General Membership Agenda

October 9, 2019

Called to Order: 7:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance lead by the Boy Scouts

BOD Reviewed September 2019 GM Minutes.  Motion to accept the minutes as written by Jonathan.  Seconded by Diana. All in favor. Motion passes to accept the minutes as written.

Quorum Confirmation – Jonathan confirmed

Recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules– All members recited


Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy

  1. Report on account balances to include Business Checking, Capital Account, Money Market Account, and Scholarship Account.


Secretary- Elizabeth Stuppy (not present)

  1. Jonathan presented the membership numbers: Total 1,269 to include 646 regular members, 489 senior members, and 134 associate members.


Vice President-Diana Roederer

  1. Break-in and Theft at the Club on the Archery range.  Advised the membership that we lost approximately $2,000 worth of equipment.  A report was filed with the Sheriff. The BOD has plans to make the archery range more secure, which will be presented later in the meeting.  There are no leads at this time. Diana contacted every pawn shop in the High Desert, San Bernardino, and Lancaster. She gave photos of the 2 men and a list of stolen items.  One shop in SB recognized the 2 guys and have had issues with them in the past.
  2. Report on Education and Training: Announcement Tim N. stepped up to help as the Training Director, working in conjunction with the Training Coordinators-Susan Davies and Miyuki.  Going forward, questions about classes go to Tim.


President- Ed Swan

  1. Election announcement: Now open for nominations!  The membership made nominations:

-Dennis Ingram 2 year Director

-Tina Clark 1 year Director

-Susan Davies 2 year Director

-Bill Symborsky 2 year Director

-Jennifer Tornero 2 year Director

-Dina McKinney 2 year Director

-Tim Neubauer-Vice President  (declined)


Nominations close 1 day after the November membership meeting.  You can E-mail any other nomination to the President or Secretary, or bring your nomination to the next membership meeting.


Range Reports

  • Pistol Range- Tracey Graham: Everything is going well.  Matches are on the calendar. Reminder about the DA steel plate challenge on 10/19, which is on eventbrite if you want to participate; it is a charity event.


  • Indoor Range – Kyle Butts: (Absent)

-Junior Pistol-CJ Caruth: Reminder that the firing line is not moveable!

Use the ventilation.  Coaches and RSOs needed for Jr. Pistol.

-Junior Rifle-Ray Jameson: Ray really needs volunteers! Ray went over

regular schedule including orientation.

-SASP-Tim Neubauer: SASP started last Saturday.  Tim explained the

program. He showed off a picture of the athletes!


  • Rifle Range- Jason Myskow: Everything is going great.  The new steel is still holding up well.  The frames are doing what they are supposed to do.  Check out calendar for events.

-CMP-Alex Montenegro: Alex explained the program in detail, including the different shoots they have-service rifle and pistol events.  Check out the calendar.


  • Trap Range-  Gary Menser: Send Woody love for the speedy recovery of his wife.  Gary went over the calendar of events and costs. If you want to shoot by yourself there are voice calls on both fields.  You do need a key! To get one, come out a couple of times and show the Mayor you know what to do! Gary briefed on the Jr. Program.

-CRSO report: Gary explained where the incident reports are on the ranges.  Diana advised there is an RSO class coming up. The club will pay for the class at no charge to you if you sign the RSO agreement.  Diana explained the requirements in the RSO agreement.


  • Archery Range- George Ellison: George went over the calendar of events and costs, all of which are on the calendar.  The Fall Vegas shoot is in progress. 3D shoot coming back soon. George championed the archery range.  Due to the break-in, the archery range lost bows and other equipment so open archery will be first come first serve.
  • Facilities –  Tim Smith

-Lance no longer works for us so we are actively searching for a

replacement.  Tim is asking the range chairs to cover their ranges in the

meantime by keeping things clean.  If anyone is interested, we will refer them to Labor Finders; the job description is there.  Jonathan has the information to contact Labor Finders if anyone wants it. This person cannot be a member and is not employed by the club.

-Last month we voted to supply water.  In 1 month we have gone

through ½ of a pallet so it seems to be working out.

-October Work Party 10/20: reminder range closed from 8 am-5pm for tractor work on the trap range and extended work on the rifle range

-Replacement needed for the swamp cooler in the indoor range:

Tim is requesting funds NTE $2,200 for replacement and install.   Motion

for funds NTE $2,200 made by CJ.  Seconded by George. None opposed.

All members in favor.  Motion passes to purchase and install a new

swamp cooler in indoor range.

-Request for funds to purchase a 40 ft. conex box for the Archery Range

due to break-in and theft.  Cost is $3,700 delivered. Discussion held.

Motion made by Sandy for funds NTE $3,700.  Shanley seconded. All

members in favor.  Motion passes for funds NTE $3,700 for the purchase

and delivery of a 40 ft. conex

-Monthly drawing for sign in sheet: Winner Martin Bishop!

Other Reports

  • Merchandise- Sandy Oberlies: nothing to report
  • Dennis Ingram-Training opportunity: He is putting together an AVGC Group to go to Frontsight for their  4-day defensive handgun course in December. He has memberships available if you are not a member of Frontsight.  See Dennis for questions.



  1. Jennifer-Banquet reminder:  There is a change of location this year.  Banquet will be held at Empire Banquet Hall.  The change is due to our event falling on Valentine’s Day weekend.  The good thing is that the Hall does just about everything! Early bird tickets will go on sale from 11/1-11/30 for $45.  Normal tickets on sale from 12/1-1/15 for $50. The cut off for ticket purchase is Jan. 15th due to the Hall needing 30-days notice for food.  The price increase this year is because all soda is included with dinner, last year you had to pay for soda. There will be a cash bar with the most expensive drink being $7.  Feb. 15th is the banquet. Diana announced if you have anything you would like to donate, get ahold of Jennifer.



  1. Diana Roederer: Re-cap of safety concerns for the previous month:  Since remote range monitoring began, she has seen a number of issues.  She implored the membership to do better and if they see something, say something.  She gave examples of the things that she has seen -terrifying things-. The membership is the eyes of the club. It’s not confrontation to say something, it’s about teaching the right way!
  2. We have a new website!  Check it out.
  3. Introduction of new members.  Motion to accept the new members made by Gary.  Seconded by Ken. All members in favor. None opposed.  Jonathan went over the financial commitment and Diana went over probationary requirements.
  4. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund.  YAY Jason Myskow wins!


Motion to adjourn by Diana.  Second by Richard. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned 8:04 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney, Director

Apple Valley Gun Club

Prior Meeting Minutes
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