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Events on the calendar have priority over walk-on shooters. Match directors may open parts of ranges based on the size of the event and the safety of all shooters. Please find details about partial range availability during events in the description or contact the person named as event-lead for more information.

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Range abbreviations:
AR - Archery Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
IR - Indoor Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
RR - Rifle Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
TR - Trap Range (the upper trap range may be available during some events)
PR - Pistol Range (depending on the event and number of participants, some bays may be open)
Special events:
Work Party - All Ranges are subject to closure without prior notice during the work party  until 12 noon (3rd Sunday)
WOT - Women on Target (no open shooting during this event on any range)
Please follow the instructions of our Match Directors and Range Safety Officers at all times!

AC - Adobe ("the old") Clubhouse

TC - Trap Clubhouse


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BOD & GM Prior Meeting Minutes



November 14, 2018

Called to order 6:01 pm

Members Present: Jenaraye Graham, PauL Nadreau, Ed Swan, Tracey Graham, Jonathan Weldy, Dina McKinney

Members Not Present: Elizabeth Stuppy, Tania Bennett, Sonny DeRose

Minutes:  All review October 10th BOD minutes.  No changes were made.  Tracey accepted the minutes as read


Treasure -  Jonathan Weldy deferred the report on account balances  to the GM meeting


Secretary - Elizabeth Stuppy not present: No report


Vice President-

  1. New Member “onboarding”:  

  • Ed Swan briefed the new process once again and advised that the response has been favorable.  Essentially, new members will no longer need a sponsor to join the club.  They will be required to attend two range specific training classes, one at the pistol range and one at the rifle range.  All other protocols remain in effect.  The purpose is to solve the problem with new members never meeting with their sponsors and therefore leave their 90 day probationary period having no knowledge of the range protocols.  The two classes will be staffed depending on the size of the class. 

  • Discussion held, questions asked: 1) How will probationary members access the range with no point of contact? -Ed will be asking for a volunteer list that will be in all new member packets.  The volunteers are members willing to take probationary members to the range but are under no obligation to do so.  2) Isn’t it going to be difficult to get multiple people to sign up for this list when we had a hard enough time getting sponsors? -Ed is hoping he gets enough volunteers that it will not be an issue and he intends to ask for volunteers each month until there is a decent sized list.

  • Jonathan made a motion  that the BOD adopt the new procedure and for it to take effect in January 2019.  Paul Nadreau Second.  All in Favor.  Motion passes

  • Ed explained further that the Governing Docs Committee is already working on revising our Bylaws and Policies & Procedures.  Once the BOD review the final revision, the documents will be posted on the website for a window of opportunity to allow members to comment.  A vote to adopt the revisions, which will include the new member onboarding process, will take place at the December meeting.


President-  No report


  1. Jonathan-NSSF Membership update (carried over from October meeting): Jonathan requested that we again carry this topic over to the December meeting  so he has the opportunity to obtain more information.



  1. Event Requests- none

  2. End of year gifts-Invite and acknowledgement at the Annual Banquet

  • Motion made by Jonathan Weldy to approve an end of the year gift to Lance Laurie for $400 and Susan Barge for $250.  Second by Ed.  All in favor.  Motion passes.

  • Motion made by Paul to authorize banquet invitations for Barge +1 and Laurie +1.  Jonathan Weldy second.  All in favor.  Motion passes.

  • Motion made by Ed to donate to the Boy Scouts $500.  Paul Second.  All in Favor.  Motion passes


Meeting adjourned 6:17 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney

AVGC Director



General Membership Minutes

November 14, 2018

Called to Order:  7:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance

Review October 10, 2018 GM Minutes:   All BOD reviewed,  no changes made.  Jonathan Weldy moves to accept as written.  Ed Second.  All in favor.  Motion passes.

Quorum Confirmation - Jonathan Weldy confirmed

Recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules- All GM recited together


Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy reported on account balances to include the business checking, capital, money market, and scholarship fund.


Secretary- Jonathan Weldy reported on membership numbers: 123 Associate members,  723 Regular members, 502 Senior members, for a total of 1,348, which is up 7 over last month.


Vice President-

  1. Guest Control- If you are bringing a guest to the club, they are your responsibility.  Make them aware of all of the rules of the club.  Make them safe!  If you are coming with many guests, you should not be shooting. You should be monitoring and raising awareness.

  2. Range Monitor recruitment-The program has been launched.  Ed is still actively recruiting if you are interested.  The training class is November 17th from 9 am to noon in the Trap House.

  3. New member onboarding volunteer list:   Ed explained the new onboarding process to the membership and passed a notepad around to collect volunteers for the list to be included in the new member packets.



  1. 2019 Meeting location-Tracey presented the option of staying at the church or going back to the fair grounds to the membership.  Discussion held regarding pros and cons of each location.  Vote presented to the members.  Members voted to remain at the church.  Jonathan Weldy with get the contract signed for the next year.  The only request from the church is that we park in our designated areas so that we don't take youth parking.  

  2. Reminder-Elections coming up.  Tomorrow night by midnight is your last chance to get nominations in.  Sandy Oberlies nominated Ray Jamison for 2 year Director.  Paul Nadreau nominated Kyle Butts to the  2 year Director.  Paul Nadreau nominated Dennis Ingram for the 1 year Director.  Ed Swan nominated Ken Crawford for the 1 year Director.  Jonathan Weldy nominated Jim Swaynie for the 1 year Director.

  3. Scholarship Award: $1k approved by BOD for Wyatt Myskow.  Award presented by Tracey Graham and Jonathan Weldy

  4. There will be a survey in the renewal packet to all club members.  The BOD wants to hear from the members about their priorities for the coming year.  


    Range Reports  

  • Pistol Range - Tim Smith reported: The zombie shoot went well.  All matches are on the website and open to the public.


  • Indoor Range  - Kyle Butts reported: The climate is great inside the range this time of year!  Jr programs are on website.  To use the indoor range you must go through a separate orientation. Contact Kyle


  • Rifle Range- Justin King reported:  Shout out to Alex Montenegro for heading up Community on Target event in his stead


  • Trap Range  -  Gary Menser reported:  Things are fabulous on the trap range.  It is open 4 days a week for 5 events.  All events are on the calendar. Shooting cards are $40.  The club has guns to loan if you do not have one.  You must bring new ammunition if using club guns.  You must come to an orientation to learn how to do the paperwork and get instruction on how to operate the machines.  Then you come out again and show the club you know how to do it on your own.   The trap range has a voice call system so you can shoot by yourself.  Reminder that every range has a chairperson and they are your primary point of contact.  Member Question-If someone wants to shoot slug or buckshot, where do you shoot?  Gary advised to use upper range.  Clarified that the “upper range” and rifle range are not the same thing.  Tracey added to the report that our Jr. Trap program is outstanding.  This month the kids are starting on 5 star matches, shooting at 7 different locations over 7 months.  We are hosting in January.  Come watch them!  Matt Marcellus on muzzle loading-They shoot every Friday morning.  Santa Fe shoot every 4th friday.  They do lunch after if you want to come! 


  • Archery Range - Sandy Oberlies reported: Open archery is on the 1st and 3rd Saturday.  It is free for those under 19.  $10 for those over 19 and not a member.  Members are free.  The club has all the equipment.  The 3D shoot is in bowl which is $5 regardless of membership standing.


  • Facilities - Tim Smith reported his progress on access cards for members.  The cards will gets you in the gate, clubhouse, indoor range, pistol house, trap house, and connexes.  Access cards will be issued and programed.  The idea is to help with renewals so that you renew during the month you came in, rather then everyone all at once in February.  Additionally, it will be easier to deny access for those that don’t make a payment.  He has a bid coming in and is hoping by next meeting to have a plan.

This Sunday is work day.  It's getting towards the end of the year so there will probably be quite a few people.  Dress appropriately.

Other Reports

  • Education - Tara Nadreau reported on upcoming class schedule.  With holidays approaching classes are winding down, but there are a few programs in December and the cost is lower!  All events are on the calendar and Eventbrite.  Coming in the New Year we are going to start throwing in a co-ed class once a quarter.  Probationary members and regular members get discount pricing.  Probationary members need to talk to Tara to get the code.


  • Merchandise-Sandy Oberlies:  She needs 12 jacket orders, they are $75 a piece.   New member hats are in.   She still has some shirts and hoodies.




  1. Diana Roederer- AVGC is a recruiter for the NRA.  There is special pricing going on right now but you need to go through the AVGC website to get the deal.  Lifetime membership $600, senior/vet $500 for distinguished member.  Jr lifetime are also on sale.

  2. Event Requests- none

  3. Tim Smith: Range Request for additional video cameras (NTE $11,000): The current camera system is going on a year and there are quite a few dead spots.  Adding an additional 14 cameras will get better coverage.  We only review video by incident reports.  Several of those incidents cannot be reviewed because there is no video coverage.  Motion made by Diana Roeder for funds not to exceed $11,000 for an additional 14 video cameras.  Second made by Gary Menser.  Tracey advised the membership that there have been some egregious safety violations and those individuals have been dealt with thanks to the video camera system.  It is critical that we have evidence to back up whatever action the BOD chooses to take.  The general membership voted.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion passes.

  4. Tim Smith: Range Request for 7 concrete projects (NTE $16,150): the pistol range to add handicap parking and access, the trap range to add concrete to the aprons at front of the range so people can walk behind safety, one for the dirt pathway from the upper range to lower range to make a safer walkway-ramp, another at the archery range to add concrete to the existing pad to go to shed and extend awning over that, 2 projects at the rifle range to even out the concrete in front of the benches to be same width, and finally from the big bore range down the road to the classroom add a stairway with a handrail.  Motion made by Paul Nadreau for funds not to exceed $16,150 for various concrete projects as outlined.  Second by Richard.  Discussion Held: Jenaraye question:  What about from the trap classroom going down long steep drive area to pistol range?  Tim-this is a separate project and separate bid which will come later.  Vote held.  All in favor. None opposed.  Motion passes.

  5. Authorization for 2019 BOD & MG meeting at VVCC (NTE $1,800)- -approved

  6. Banquet Update-  Dina and Diana reported on the event in place of Tania.  Advised of the date, location, and the food choices.  Advised of early bird and regular pricing.   Requested volunteers to help with set up/tear down and games.  All plans underway.  Stay tuned.

  7. Tim Smith- The monthly drawing for people signing in will be done tomorrow.

  8. Tim Smith-  The High Desert has a members council for the NRA.  This will be a trying year. We need all the help we can get.  Next Tuesday at 7pm.  No membership fee, only current NRA membership required.

  9. Introduction of new members.  Gary Menser made a motion to accept.  Matt second.  All in favor.  Non opposed.  Ed Swan went over requirements- this is our pilot group for the 2 range specific training days.  Jonathan Weldy went over financials.

  10. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the to the Scholarship Fund.  


Motion to adjourn.  Motion made, second made.  Motion accepted.

Adjourn 8:05 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney

AVGC Director