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Events on the calendar have priority over walk-on shooters. Match directors may open parts of ranges based on the size of the event and the safety of all shooters. Please find details about partial range availability during events in the description or contact the person named as event-lead for more information.

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Range abbreviations:
AR - Archery Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
IR - Indoor Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
RR - Rifle Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
TR - Trap Range (the upper trap range may be available during some events)
PR - Pistol Range (depending on the event and number of participants, some bays may be open)
Special events:
Work Party - All Ranges are subject to closure without prior notice during the work party  until 12 noon (3rd Sunday)
WOT - Women on Target (no open shooting during this event on any range)
Please follow the instructions of our Match Directors and Range Safety Officers at all times!

AC - Adobe ("the old") Clubhouse

TC - Trap Clubhouse


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BOD & GM Prior Meeting Minutes



January 9, 2019

Meeting commenced at 6:04 p.m.

Members Present: Tania Bennett, Paul Nadreau, Ed Swan, Tracey Graham, Jonathan Weldy, Elizabeth Stuppy, Dina McKinney

Members Not Present: Jenaraye Graham, Sonny deRose

Minutes:  review December 12, 2018 BOD minutes.  Jonathan made a motion to accept as written, Elizabeth seconded the motion.  All approved. None Opposed. Motion passes


Treasure -  Jonathan Weldy

  1. See “new business” listed below.  Account balance reporting deferred to general membership meeting.  Review of checkbook register with the BOD. Significant checks reviewed and explained.


Secretary - Elizabeth Stuppy

  1. Membership numbers are up by  5 members from last month for a total of 1,361, which included 129 associate members,  727 regular members, and 505 senior members


Vice President-Ed Swan

  1. PA system that was approved last month  was purchased


President- Tracey Graham

  1. Tim Smith has an  event request for 3/24 on the rifle range.  The range will be closed from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the American Rifle Challenge.  No issues raised. By the BOD for the event. Tim’s request is approved

  2. Tracey Graham event request-no specific date yet.  Utah CCW class: 4-5 hours, classroom only. Instructors Tracey, Jenaraye, and Diana will defer to the calendar and not schedule during other events.  No other issues raised.



  1. Caltrans construction lease extension-All documents are in.  No further business required.



  1. Event Requests-Jenaraye absent, see President’s report above.

  2. 2019 Capital Account Transfer continue at $2,000 month- Jonathan Weldy discussed the history of the transaction. BOD reviewed accounts. Discussion held by BOD as to whether to continue this transfer indefinitely or add an expiration.  History of the transaction does not show any problems with continuing the transaction indefinitely. Jonathan will adjust the transfer should an issue ever arise. Jonathan made a motion to continue the $2,000/month transfer to the capital account indefinitely.  Paul Nadreau seconded the motion. All approved. Motion passes.

  3. Club magazine subscriptions-continue or discontinue?  Discussion held. Club spends approximately $1,500/year on the subscription.  Elizabeth made a motion to stop all renewals and save the money. Ed seconded the motion.  All in favor. Motion passes. Jonathan will cancel the subscriptions

  4. Banking relations review-service fees and credit cards (discussion item, no action requested)-No Discussion held.  Move to February meeting.


6:22 p.m. meeting  adjourned


Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney

AVGC Director




General Membership Minutes

January 9, 2019

Called to Order: 7:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance

-Tracey announced a flag retirement on 2/11

Review December 12, 2018 GM Minutes

Quorum Confirmation - Jonathan Weldy Confirmed

Recite NRA 3 Gun Safety Rules-  All members recited


Treasurer- Jonathan Weldy

  1. Report on account balances


Secretary- Elizabeth Stuppy

  1. Membership numbers are up by  5 members from last month for a total of 1,361, which included 129 associate members,  727 regular members, and 505 senior members


Vice President-Ed Swan

  1. Call for Range Monitors-You must attend a training class.  There is one scheduled for Jan. 18th, 6-8 pm. Ed has a sign up sheet



  1. Reminder - Jr. Trap hosting 5-star Shoot 1/19/19.  Come support our kids!

  2. Complacency will kill you!! Tracey advised of an unsafe event on Pistol Bay 4.  These were experienced shooters! Do not get complacent.


    Range Reports  

Pistol Range- no report

Indoor Range - Kyle Butts reported on Jr. programs at the indoor range.  He passed the mic to CJ Caruth who stated his needs for Jr Pistol Program.  Next, Ray Jameson stated his needs for the Jr. Rifle program. Both programs need volunteers to operate.  Jr. Rifle had to cancel a night for lack of volunteers.

Rifle Range- Tracey advised that we have some work party plans for the rifle range.

Trap Range- Gary Menser went over the calendar events and the Jr. Trap program.  He advised of the volunteer opportunities during the 5 Star Shoot. Gary also advised on pricing for the trap range

Archery Range- Get well George!  Sandy reported on calendar and pricing

Facilities -Tim Smith reported. The concrete stairway from the trap range to the pistol range is completed.  At the work party he will work on the handrail. Other concrete work that was previously approved will start this coming Monday depending on rain.  From 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday (next week) the rifle range will be closed due to cement work. Trap range work is starting as well, along with handicap parking and sidewalk on P2 on the pistol range (possible closure on one day, Bay 2 only).  Lower trap to upper trap concrete sidewalk coming soon. Tim advised of NRA Members council meeting.

Other Reports

Education- Tara out.  Tracey reported on new flyers-they look great!

Merchandise- Sandy reported.  Still need jacket orders





  1. Event Requests- BOD approved America Rifle Challenge 3/24.  Advised membership

  2. Revised Governing Documents- membership vote to approve new governing docs.  Gary Menser made a motion to approve the revised governing documents. Diana Roederer seconded the motion.  No discussion held. All approved. Non opposed. Motion passes. New foundation docs will be mailed to new members.

  3. Red Flag/Range Hot flagpole indicator (to mitigate issues arising when range is closed for maintenance)- Advised membership of issue discussed at the Safety Committee regarding the work party days.  At the safety meeting it was decided that Tim will go and release each range. Discussion held. Tim will put a range closed sign at each range and take them down as the range is cleared. We will give it a try before a decision is made on a flag.   Further discussion held regarding closure time frames. BOD action taken-range will shut down until 2 pm on work party days.

  4. Dina McKinney-Request motion for FNRA table sponsor of $3,000.00.  Gary Menser made a motion to sponsor a table at the FNRA banquet for $3,000.00.  Seconded by Michael Eddy. All in favor. Non opposed. Motion passes. Tracey advised that we will raffle the dinner tickets at the February meeting.  Dina to put in a check request to Jonathan Weldy.

  5. Diana Roederer - $1,000 donation request for Lion’s Club High Desert Shooting Fun Fair.  We will run a booth. CJ motion for $1,000 donation to the Lion’s Club. Seconded by Richard W.  Discussion held. All in favor. Non opposed. Motion passes. Diana to put in a check request to Jonathan Weldy.

  6. Tania Bennett-AVGC Banquet update-TICKETS ON SALE NOW

  • Save the date 2/16/19

  • Early bird v. regular pricing  

  • Request for volunteers -setup/take down and high energy people for games

  1. Introduction of new members.  Motion made to accept the new members made by Gary Menser.  Second by Ken Crawford. All in favor. Non opposed. Motion passes.  Ed went over emember requirements. Jonathan Weldy went over financial obligations.

  2. 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the to the Scholarship Fund


Meeting adjourned 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dina McKinney

AVGC Director


Prior Meeting Minutes - (PDF downloads)


Board of Directors January 9, 2019


General Membership January 9, 2019


Board of Directors December 12, 2018


General Membership December 12, 2018


Board of Directors November 14, 2018


General Membership November, 2018